Savage Swords of the Hyborian Age

The Necromancers Knife Pt 1


OK, so we all started together penniless at the mercy of a serving wench needs because were all crashing at her place while the weeks long sand storm that would have surly blinded us if not killed us outright. On one of our minor drinking bouts down at the bar we were on our way home and happen across a murder taking place or was it just a leg breaking? Who knows we wanted to test our ways of warcraft so we took up the offer cause and tried to save the poor fellow that was getting beaten in the ally way. We ended up dispatching the majority of the cutthroat desert bandits and moved on before the guards had anything to say to us. We apparently came across a cursed knife that bewitched our hostess into the catacombs of the dead under a death worshiping heresy church. Late last time we were trying to find weakness zones or other entrances but decided to just waylay some of the death cultists and masquerade as them to enter the catacombs. We were in the process of entering (To Be Continued Another Time)

The Necromancers Knife Pt 1

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