Savage Swords of the Hyborian Age

Of Ships and Slaves

Akivasha surveyed the table, as the crowded tavern leaned in at her wager. Kenshin, standing behind her, leaned in and whispered “Good Luck”. Akivasha felt the blade of his dagger pressed into her back knowing that any bad luck on her part would be short-lived.

It had taken them a week, but they had managed to track down the Zingaran Captain who had tricked Sura into slavery. Goading into a high stakes dice game, Akivasha initially fared poorly, losing most of their assets and new found fortune. Upping the stakes, she promised herself, Kenshin, and Kaari into slavery if they lost.

To great cheers, the three found themselves in possession of their lost goods, a surly bossonian, and a ship.

The Dagon’s Valour

After a day familiarizing themselves with their new possession, Tyson came to them with an introduction. Lady Ameline, of the House Pompilius, seeks the lost scrolls of Tsothemenes, a Corinthian scholar. She believes the scrolls to be in possession of one named ‘Broso’, or something similar, who resides in Tortage. As they depart, Akivasha spies a suspicious individual eying them. Reassuring them that those of the Merchant Houses are always under observation, Ameline departs.

As the crew rig for departure, a similar dressed individual is spotted on the pier. Trying to sneak upon him, he evades them and escapes leaving the party unsure. Why are they being watched?

It is an eight day trip to Tortage, and the adventurers familiarize themselves with a life at sea. Upon the eighth day, the ship pulls into the harbor at Tortage where she anchors, too cheap to pay the 20 silver required for docking. Akivasha asks the crew if they have heard then name ‘Broso’, which alerts Kenshin. He believes this ‘Broso’ might refer to Valbroso Quantillo, an old sea dog. Spending much of the day ashore, and some silver, Valbroso is tracked down.

Valbroso does not have the scrolls, but he believes he knows where they are. Twenty years ago, his captain led them to an island off the Pictish coast. He went ashore and never returned. The crew departed, but not before Valbroso made a map of the islands location. Purchasing a copy of the map, the crew returned to the Valour.

Tsothemenes map

As they were being ported aboard, the crew noticed the arrival of the Red Trident, a Zingaran Pirate vessel … the crew of which seemed mighty attentive of the Valour. Deciding not to risk things, the crew of the Valour decided to wait until the Trident was fully docked, and slip out under the cover of darkness. As she was slipping from the harbor, the lookouts reported that their ruse had failed! The Trident was hurriedly recalling her crew to get underway, probably in the pursuit of the Valour!

But all matters are not ill. Upon quietly setting sail, Akivasha (in her role as ship’s captain) spied that her cabin had been entered. Upon entering and challenging, they discovered a Zamorian thief in the process of robbing them – their old companion Miraslav!



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