Kaari av Pohiola

The female soldier with death in her eyes and the means to carry it out.


Name: Kaari av Pohiola Race: Hyperborian Gender: Female
Class: Soldier Level: 1 Handed: right
Age: 16 Height: 72" (6’) Weight: 180 lbsAoc3
Eyes: Steely Grey Hair: Twany Skin: Fair to Tan

Basic Stats:
STR – 18
DEX – 12
CON – 17
INT – 16
WIS – 14
CHA – 15

HP – 13

Base DEF: 10
Parry DEF: 15
Dodge DEF: 11
Fort save : 5
Ref save: 2
Will save: 2

1x Broadsword
1x Poniard
1x Ghanafre Knifes
1x Bardiche
Armor: targe shield
Leather Jerkin
Steel Cap

Weapons Focus: Broadsword
Power Attack

Specail abilites:


I was born in Pohiola a land in Hyperboria, a harsh land, cold and bleak. My name is Kaari and I love my homeland and my father, they are the center of my soul, something to hold onto while I explore the rest of the world. I was born of Miikka and Satu common folks who were serfs in Pohiola. My mother died when I was young and though father had a hard time with a young girl he managed to raise me. Papa would tell me stories of other countries and fighting in great battles and we would take stick and pretend to fight it was great fun.

When I was eight father started taking me to the quarry to help with stone work, or at least make it easier to keep track of me, but I took to caring the stones, it was good to be with my papa. Jaakkina would complain that there should be more of a women influence on me but I was happy. Sometime in my tenth year while we were working the quarry The High Lady was riding threw the quarry when a huge section of the quarry started to give way above her, papa knowing the stone noticed it first and was able to jump in front of the High Ladies horse as it gave way, the guards quickly surrounded him when a thunderous crash came from the stone behind the large group. I was trying to pull a guard away from papa as they look like they would kill him. The High Lady told Riku to put his weapons away and looked at the mess with an intensity I could not fathom then turning to my papa she spoke “You have saved my life for which we will forgive your slight and even reward you what would you ask of us?” Papa look at me knowing my heart to be a great warrior and turned back to the High Lady and made the request that his daughter be trained as a soldier. Some of the soldiers snickered at the request as women are not soldiers. The High Lady again with an intense look and then an amused look spoke to Papa, “I find your request acceptable on the conditions that she continues to work here half her day and the other half will be spent training under Riku, Riku you will train her to be better than any other soldier you have. Second looking back at my papa she will dine in my home two times a week if she fails to meet my demands you both will be forced to leave do you understand?" Papa looked nervous but agreed.

From that time I began training under Riku who worked me very hard. At first he seemed to think it a foolish quest but as I grew and I did grow fast and strong, he became proud of his work with me and I learned fast by my Sixteenth year I was truly a good soldier and Riku presented my to the High Lady saying that I was ready for the next step learning from the world and requested that I be sent on a Caravan as a guard and find my own way for the next few years, and he would send word to a few schools to request that she be allowed to train there if I showed up.

So now I find myself in the blasted heat of Shem looking for another job and finding that women can have a hard time finding honest work.

Kaari av Pohiola

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