Miraslav Budachinko

Whiney, Smoldery and full of greed (with a little liking for his companions... still would sell them for the right price).

Race : Zamorian Gender : Male Religion : Bel
Class : Thief Level : 4 Handed : Right
Age : 20 Height : 62" (5’2") Weight : 115 lbs
Eyes : Black Hair : Slick Black Skin : Light

Basic Stats:
STR – 10
DEX – 20
CON – 12
INT – 18
WIS – 11
CHA – 17
HP – 27

Base Defense : 10 Parry Defense : 12 Dodge Defense : 18
Fort Save : 2 Ref Save : 9 Will Save : 4

Free – Lt Armor
Free – Martial Weapons
Free – Simple Weapons
Combat Expertise
Improved Feint
Free – Light Footed
Free – Eyes of the Cat
Skill focus: Bluff
Free – Sneak attack style: Dagger, Arming Sword
Free – Trap Sense

Known Skills (all except for):
Craft Handle Animal Survival

1x Arming sword, 4 daggers

Armor: Who need that?

*+3 for Code of Honor-Mercenary


I am Miraslav, first and only son of… well… ok, not sure…

The best way to get along life is with a quick wit and a sly grin. Its easier using a tale and wine with a little “extra” additives than using a clumsy two handed sword or the like. I found out about the world the hard way, through the streets of Arenjun (appropriately named “the city of thieves”).

After many triumphs and a few failures I have learned the the subtle way is important, weather that involves charm or stealth. I say never let those around you know your weaknesses or thourghly know your strengths. The quick witted can suprise you with either.

I now travel with a host of skilled mercenaries, but i am careful to always watch my back (especially around those icky snake worshippers…).

Miraslav Budachinko

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