Thanatos / Eben

Name: Thanatos Race: Norhimer Sex: Male
Class: Barbarian Level: 6 XP: 0 HP: 67
Age: 22-23 Height: 6’9" Weight: 250lbs
Eyes: Green Hair: Dark Red (Long and Tied off ) Skin: Deep Taned
Religion: Ynip / Atali
Initiative 5 Melee 6 Finesse 4 Ranged 4
Base Defense 10 Parry Value 15 Dodge Value 13
Fort Save 4 Ref Save 5 Will Save 2
Feat Description
Armour (Light) Ability to wear light armour
Armour (Medium) Ability to wear medium armor
Fighting Madness) Fights like a berserker (Up to once per day, you can enter a fighting-madness as a free action. You temporarily gain +4 to Strength, +4 to Constitution and a +2 morale bonus on Will saving throws but suffer a –2 penalty to Defense. While in a fighting-madness, you cannot use skills or abilities that require patience and concentration, including sneak attacks and finesse fighting. You can use any feat you might have except for Combat Expertise, sorcery feats and Skill Focus, if the latter is tied to a skill that requires patience or concentration. A fighting-madness lasts for a number of rounds equal to 3 + your newly improved Constitution bonus. The increase in Constitution grants additional hit points but these hit points go away when the fighting-madness ends, possibly killing the warrior! You may voluntarily end the fighting-madness at any time. You may not enter a fighting-madness if you are under the effect of the barbarian class feature Crimson Mist and vice versa.)
Iron Will +2 bonus to Will Saves
Two Weapon Combat Two Weapon Combat fighting style (free)
Weapon Proficieny (Simple) Use all simple weapons w/o penalty
Weapon Proficiency (Martial) Use all martial weapons w/o penalty
No Armor +1 Dodge when in no armor
Superstitious -2 to Will Saves(Fear)

Primal Instinct

Pages of a lifetime diary lie on the earth
With embroidered traces of sorrow on my wrists
Standing I am, looking from the shelf
(I am insane)
Feeling so anxious to destroy myself
To ruin my dreams and end my pain
Letting go of my tears within the rain

I am sick of waking-dreaming
Hard to find what to believe in
I just want to breathe deep and then syncopate
(Watch me fade)
(With no fear)
Kill my faith,
(and my fate)
And end up with the person that I hate…


‘I fear nothing, and you’re nothing to me so I fear you… Why must it be this way?’


Thanatos / Eben

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