Sura : Master Archer / Thief

Race : Bossonian Gender : Female Religion : Mitra
Class : Master Archer / Thief Level : 5 /1 Handed : Ambidex
Age : 20 (appears 16) Height : 60" (5’) Weight : 105 lbs
Eyes : Green Hair : Strawberry Blonde Skin : Fair with freckles

Basic Stats:
STR – 14 +2
DEX – 19 +4
CON – 12 +1
INT – 17 +3
WIS – 17 +3
CHA – 17 +3

HP – 52

Base Defense : 10 Parry Defense : 15 Dodge Defense : 17
Fort Save : 7/11 (normal/endurance based) Ref Save : 8 Will Save : 8*

Free – Tracking
Free – Two Weapon Fighting
Free – Favored Terrain [Plain/Meadow]rank 1
Free – Rapid Shot
Free – Alertness (+2 to Spot/Listen)
Free – Endurance
Stealthy (add 2 to Hide and Move Silently)
Point Blank Shot
Dodge (add 1 to Dodge)
Precision Shot
Power Attack
Ranged Finesse

Special Abilities:
Sneak Attack add 1d6 / 1d8 – Bossonian Longbow
Sneak Attack – Bossonian Longbow add 1 to hit and damage

Known Skills:
Appraise Balance Climb
Craft : Bowyer Craft : Herbalism Craft : Clothing
Craft : Weaponsmith Escape Artist Handle Animal
Heal Hide Jump
Knowledge : Nature Knowledge : Local Listen
Move Silently Open Lock Prof : Dairymaid
Ride Sense Motive Search
Spot Survival Swim

1x Arming Sword
1x Short Sword
1x Bossoinian Longbow w/40 arrows
1x Poniard

Armor: Horse Hide armor w/ Silk undershirt and steel cap with wings (total DR of 5 (7 against arrows))

*add 3 for Code of Honor-Civilized or add 2 for Faith in Mitra

New puppy, will update as I determine more.


Sura leather b
Sura hails from the south western border of the Aquilonian kingdom, near the Black River that is part of the Bossonian Marches along the Westermarck that borders the Pictish Wilderness. She was orphaned at the age of 10 when Picts broke through the walls and attacked her families farmstead. It was only her love of running through the forest with her pets that saved her from the same awful fate or a worse fate of being enslaved.

After she lost her parents, a she was adopted by a old Borderer named Gelt and his daughter Emma whose husband had recently been slain by the Picts. Emma had two children (Hanzl and Grtl) of her own around Sura’s age that helped around the farmstead taking care of the animals when Gelt was out on patrol. They also helped Sura when she was lonely.

As she grew up, she followed the tenets of Mitra and became a devout follower as it was taught that only by the grace and mercy of Mitra did the borders remain safe. Every few months Emma would take the children to the village temple, since it was a all day trip it was also when they were able to buy any products they could not make themselves and if lucky sell some stuff they made.

Gelt was eventually promoted as a officer of the Borderers within the village meaning he had to spend time away from home a lot. During these times she would ride into town with some home cooked food that Emma made from something that she or Hanzl hunted.

When he went on patrol, he would lead his men past his home, she would ensure that they all received something nice to eat, refill their waterskins and give them some homemade jerky for their trip. She would wait with her dog Huir on the hill over looking the countryside to watch for their return. It always please her to see the same number return the left.

While Sura did spend a lot of time learning weapons and other skills, she also learned to follow the tenets as taught by the Temple of Mitra. She learned domestic skills from Emma who helped her as a big sister teaching Grtl and her to cook, clean, make clothing. Gelt taught her and Hanzl to hunt and skin animals for food and make leather.

Sura hunting with Huir.
Sura combat a

She never forgot her Mother and Father and would visit their grave site often to tell them of her accomplishments, her plans and her desires which always included wishing she could see them again. The Temple taught that the faithful would reunite in the heavens and so with this thought in mind she always left their graves with the words “May Mitra comfort and protect you until we meet again beyond this life”. Sometimes she could swear she hears her mothers voice on the wind singing to her about the sweet by and by…

At the coming of age (around 12 years old) all of the children of the village were indoctrinated into the village defense. Daily trainings were conducted to practice with weapons, learn scouting and stealth and archery with the Bossonian Longbow. The leader of the Master Archers within the village saw great potential in Sura and so she was asked to joined their ranks as a apprentice which she accepted with Gelt’s blessing.

By her 15th birthday she was a Archer for the village. Then she was offered a job to help escort a caravan going to the south to the cities of gold. She spoke with Gelt and he approved, stating that it would be good for her to see the world and return with knowledge she could share then settle down to a family life. So she accepted the offer and packed her belongings. She visited the grave site of her parents and told them that she would be gone for a while, but she would remember them. Then she returned gathered her dog and bid farewell to her adopted father and sister and children then reported to the caravan leader.

As she began her adventure south she wondered what would her future hold? In her heart she had some fear for she had heard stories of the demon worshiping nations, but her people needed the proceeds from the sales of these products to help their livelihood so with head held high she walked along the wagons as they treked into the south.

Sura’s first time in the big city!
Sura civilan a

Eventually Sura ended up in the Shemite territories, she escored a caravan south and when they disbanded she found herself unemployed. She spent a couple of months doing odd jobs until at last she was living in the home of a serving girl along with a Barbarian from the south, a Soldier from Hyperborea (Karri), a Stygian Noble (Aki) and a Zamoran urban Borderer.

A short time after meeting the 5 of them were on their way to the tavern where their hostess worked, they witnessed a mugging in a back alley. Not being the type to turn away from the people in need the group joined in combat with the muggers. Sadly the man who was being mugged died but next to him were all but one of his attackers. The last ran away.

They found a dagger that interested Aki and the adventure began.

Huir disappeared after Sura was imprisoned for 3 years; she received Aweri (which means peace in Pictish) when she went to the Pictlands to find a cursed scroll. The Pictish shaman knew what was missing in her life and provided her something to fill the void left behind.

Unlike Huir, Aweri is part wolf and part some other large dog. As a puppy she was almost as big a Huir was full grown. The image below is of Sura and little puppy.
Sura and aweri


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